Executive Jet Training

King Air 90/100/200
Initial Training

King Air 90/100/200
Initial Training

King Air Initial Training

The Model 90 King Air was conceived in 1961. On January 24, 1964, the prototype flew for the first time. A total of 184 B90 models were produced before the Model C90 was introduced in 1971. The similar Model E90 was introduced the following year, with PT6A-28 engines; the two were produced in parallel. Further refinement of the 90-series resulted in the Model F90 and follow-on Model F90-1. These models incorporated a T-tail similar to the King Air 200. 

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King Air 90/100/200 Program Details

King Air 90/100/200

King Air

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Lead Instructor

Douglas Carmody is a former airline Captain with over 30,000 flight hours. He has over 32 years of instructional experience in turbine aircraft. Along with being a contract instructor, he’s also a corporate pilot, a charter pilot, a licensed A & P Mechanic, and author of 15 aviation books and numerous magazine articles.