Executive Jet Training

CE -500/510/525/560XL
Second In Command

CE -500/510/525/560XL
Second In Command

Second In Command Training

Cessna 500, 510, 525 or 560XL

The training to proficiency concept is the hallmark of our business.

We strive to make your training event challenging and informative by creating an individualized lesson plan that reinforces the skills you have already mastered while introducing the latest operational and procedural changes that enhance safety and efficiency. This is accomplished in our simulator, your airplane or by combining both in our Fly Safe Train Smartprogram.

Insurance Approved SIC Training

One-on-One Ground School

Simulator Sessions

Flight Training To Proficiency

Study Material Can Be Provided

SafePilot Group E-Learning

Ground Training

Aircraft Systems


  • Electrical System
  • Lighting
  • Master Warning System
  • Fuel System
  • Power-plant
  • Fire Protection
  • Pneumatic System
  • Hydraulic System
  • Ice and Rain Protection
  • Air Conditioning
  • Pressurization
  • Landing Gear & Brakes
  • Flight Controls
  • Pitot Static System
  • Oxygen System

Weight & Balance/Performance

Emergency Equipment and Procedures and Passenger Briefing


Simulator Training

Session 1

Full Motion Citation Simulator and/or in your CE-500, 510, 525 or 560XL

Preflight Preparation
Ground Operations
  • Engine Start
  • Normal Start Procedures
  • Hot Start Procedures
  • Systems
  • Jet Dynamics and Operations
  • CRM
Pre-Takeoff Checks
Takeoff and Departure Maneuvers
  • Rejected Takeoff
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Normal Takeoff
Inflight Maneuvers
  • Steep Turns 360 Left and Right
  • Approach to Stall and Recovery
    • Clean Configuration
    • Departure Configuration
    • Approach to Landing Configuration
    • Precision Approaches
    • Non-Precision Approaches
    • Single Engine Approaches
  • Unusual Attitude Recovery
  • Emergency Descent
Emergency Procedures
  • High Speed Rejected Takeoff
  • Engine Failure at V1
  • Dual Engine Failure
  • Flap Failure
  • Landing a gear Failure
  • Smoke in cockpit
Post Flight Debriefing

Lead Instructor

Douglas Carmody is a former airline Captain with over 30,000 flight hours. He has over 32 years of instructional experience in turbine aircraft. Along with being a contract instructor, he’s also a corporate pilot, a charter pilot, a licensed A & P Mechanic, and author of 15 aviation books and numerous magazine articles.